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Welcome to TSR Health & Wellness

Let's work together at Shaping and Reclaiming your health!


How I Can Help

Many of us struggle with inflammatory symptoms and frustrated with being overweight no matter how hard they try to lose.

I too have struggled finding a clinically tested program that I can count on to help my clients heal from the inside out. After much research, I am thrilled to announce I have partnered with SHAPE ReClaimed, a company with four decades of clinical experience who truly cares about helping people “ReClaim” vibrant health. When done properly, everyone who does the program benefits and enjoys long-term success.

I am very confident I can help you decrease inflammation, strengthen immune-function, detox and cleanse your body with the wonderful side-effect of losing weight if that is one of your health challenges. I’d love for you to give SHAPE ReClaimed a chance!

SHAPE practitioners across the country are helping their clients heal from health challenges such as: high blood sugar and blood pressure, elevated lipids, digestive difficulties, fatigue, auto-immune symptoms, and the list goes on. I want the same results for you!

Let’s do this together!  Schedule an appointment today so we can start you on your own personal SHAPE journey.  

It is an honor to serve you and help you find your way back to optimal health.


Tammra Reiss, CHHP & SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner


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